Thursday, June 24, 2010

Team Results!

Dear Team,
I was reading the results for the race and saw that Team Nordic Track Elite Womens team finished in 23hrs! What! 10 hrs before us! I thought we did pretty well. Then I got to thinking, Was this the team that ran on a treadmill? It better be, that just goes to show it is much easier and faster to run on a treadmill. If they did the regular race that fast then wow!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am packing and ready to go!

So Van 2 I just wanted to say that I can bring bottled water, do we need a cooler? Food to share, baby wipes, garbage bags, I also have a headlamp and tail lamp and a running vest. I am happy to bring what ever makes this trip more enjoyable. Erin thanks for the ride I will see you at Chevron at 545am! I email you my cell phone.

Get your groove on...

Updating my running playlist for this weekend. I really wanted to whittle the 4 1/2 hours of music down to something more manageable, but just can't. Who knows what I'll want to listen to. I do know one thing...I'M SO EXCITED!!! See you all in 35 hours (give or take)!

Monday, June 14, 2010

No Worries... Be Happy

After a few quick text messages - spot has been filled :) Carry on!

Rock. Hard Place. Me.

My Fellow Ragnarians,

It seems that every time you get a group of moms together there is always the last minute one to bail on the group--a case of strep with the kids, flat tires, emergency appendectomy. Luckily everyone is healthy and the tires are filled with air.
I will throw this out there though, if you know of anyone is would like to join van 2, they can have my spot. It looks like I might have to be the one that, sadly and with regret, jumps ship.
We found out some great news last night that requires me to be in OKC on Sunday. And flights from SLC to OKC are scare and super expensive. I wouldn’t even be able to run all 3 legs. Even if I switched to van 1, it would be near impossible.
Every time I go to buy a ticket, I get a funny feeling in my tummy. I just can’t shell out another $300… So, if you know of anyone who wants my spot, please let me know asap. You know—that fun neighbor, the dental assistant, your sister in law, a friend’s cousin’s dog walker.
I hate to not run. Really I do. I have already started preparing my bag to come. Treats have been purchased for you all and another special little something from me. Argh. This is tough. But I just wanted to see if anyone knew of a fellow runner who’d like a Ragnar experience….
With love,


Sunday, June 13, 2010

0% makes me so happy!

I am a habitual weather checker for races for the 10 days before a race! And guess what the is a 0% chance of rain- but after last year don't count on it being accurate, just saying.

So here is the low down on some details:

1. We are going to have dessert at Katie G.'s house on Thursday night at 9. We would for everyone to be there but if you can't that is totally fine too. I will email everyone her address instead of posting it for the whole world to see. It will be for about an hour seeing as how we all need to sleep to get up bright and early the next morning.

2. Our start time is 8:30 am in Logan and Ragnar needs teams there an hour before their start to do all the new safety stuff. Mindy has graciously offered her driveway at least for us to get things together and she is only about a mile from the start line so we should be getting to Mindy's probably about 7. So I will be pulling out of Draper at 5 picking up Lindsay and heading up to get Jenny (and Melissa?) so Jenny I am not exactly sure how long it takes to get from Draper to the gas station - do you know?

-- Post From My iPhone

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A week Away! anyone excited like me!

I am so excited! But need to final up my plans, anyone up for a concrete plan! Are we meeting at the start line? Can anyone offer a ride from Kaysville area? Or maybe I can take the frontrunner up to Ogden? I don't mind ditching my car somewhere, anywhere besides Logan if I can help it. Does van one have a rental van? Who is driving it up to Logan? I am so excited but would love some feedback. I am also good to bring as much as is needed for this fun weekend, food, supplies, whatever is needed! I heard someone on the team lives by the start line, should we meet there to get situated? Decorate the vans? If you can't tell I am excited to run! Please respond if anyone has any suggestions or ideas of what is going to happen.
Jenny O.